Friday, December 7, 2012

The Return of the Friday Roundup (120712)

Since at least a few folks indicated that they do like this feature, I am getting back to it. So once again, here's a Roundup of all the Picks of the Day for this week from DriveThruRPG -

On Monday, I featured the Second Annual Teach Your Kids to Game Week, started by DriveThruRPG last year and coming back swinging in 2012. This has garnered a great deal of attention, and I am particularly proud of having been part of the team that started it. This year, I helped design and develop FirstFable, a free product published directly by OneBookShelf, Inc. to support the cause of bringing more kids into our wonderful hobby.

Conspiracy Rules!

Conspiracy Rules is the first book of Dark Conspiracy III, an update to the original and in many ways ground-breaking urban horror RPG of the 1990s. This update brings the rules into alignment with Traveller: The New Era and Twilight 2000, version 2.2. The second book in the series, Conspiracy Lives, updates the setting.

Featuring internal fiction by Jason L. Blair and Matt Forbeck with original artwork by David Lee Ingersoll, Bradley K. McDevitt, and an original artist from the first edition, Earl Geier, this rules set contains:

  • Modified Chargen
  • Management of Contacts
  • Clarified rules for automatic gunfire and initiative
  • Updated weapons

Look for the setting book Conspiracy Lives coming soon.

Mermaid Adventures RPG

Dive into adventure and fun! Mermaid Adventures is a game that lets you and your friends become mermaids, forming friendships, fighting sea monsters and solving strange undersea mysteries. Great for families and players of all ages!


  • 8 different kinds of merfolk
  • Complete and simple rules designed for kids
  • Colorful, eye-catching illustrations 
  • 5 Sample Adventures to get you going

Monte Cook on Game Design: Recorded Seminar

Veteran roleplaying game designer Monte Cook discusses various game design topics, answers questions, and provides insights into tabletop rpg design.

This product is a recording of a live online seminar held using Adobe Connect software. You will be provided with a link to the recording upon your purchase of this product.


The Quests of the Fairie Queen are board games intended as an introduction to role playing for children. It is suggested that an adult take the role of game master, to help the players learn and play the game.

There you go, friends! It's a great time to be a gamer, especially with game-interested kids!


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