Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Peace on Earth (Or At Least the Table)

It really has been the season...

I've reached out to two people who were friends, and then were not for a time. The whys and wherefores are not really important. Bad communication, poor choices, and harsh judgment all played a part on all sides.

Regardless, one-too-many renditions of Lennon's “So This is Christmas” hit me in the heart like a shotgun blast, and I determined to reach out and re-connect. They have both welcomed this, and I feel magnificently better for it. Such gifts cannot be wrapped with a bow, yet they are shiny and wonderful nonetheless.

There has been drama on the home front, with deeply hurt feelings and overwhelming anger rampant. Then, with hard conversations and even harder self-reflection, peace was achieved.

We are a passionate lot, we gamers. We dream big, we feel big, and we often react in big ways. Pain runs deepest when its caused by those we love dearest, and gaming groups do tend to form bonds of love that create families-of-choice. When we fight, the fires flare, words are used as weapons, and doors often get slammed.

This is the season to open those doors, offer your hand and your heart, and get back to rolling dice together.

Life is too short; that's one of the essential messages of which this time of year is meant to remind us. Heed that message and find ways to heal hurts and regain lost friendships.

Thus endeth the message.

Game on.


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  1. Magnificently said, indeed. I'm so happy to have my family-by-choice by my side.