Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Close... So Close...

Look! An awesome picture by my talented friend, Susan Knowles!

"What is it?"
It's the cover for the impending re-release of the Shaintar: Legends Arise Player's Guide.

"Huh? What? Er..."

Yeah, just trust me. Very, very soon this is all going to make a lot more sense.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the cast depicted: 

Flying in is Jenessa, the aevakar archer/scout who works for the Grayson's Grey Rangers garrison posted in the city of Silverport in the northern Wildlands of Shaintar. She is played by my daughter, the one we lovingly call "Spawn" for public safety reasons for now.

She is flying in to report to the Paladin of Light, Cybelle (played by Lee Ballew) and Brian, the local librarian and a talented adept (played by Carinn Seabolt). Lounging lazily in the foreground (seriously hoping no one actually needs him anytime soon, except to share some tasty fish) is Ssessrei, the dregordian warrior and sometimes dockworker (played by Brandon Shiffler).

Instead of "heroes fighting in action poses," we thought it would be fun to give a more "day in the life of heroes" kind of image.

Oh, and even thought I still... can't.... quite... announce exactly what's going on, anyone wandering around the Evil Beagle Games site may be able to figure out some things right off. 


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