Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Roundups - Do You Care?

So I don't have time for my usual Friday Roundup of Picks of the Week for my blog.

My Star Wars-based deadline looms large, so gotta keep this short.

Straight up - does anyone actually CARE about the Friday Roundup? Does it do anyone any good?

Let me know, please. Thanks. Peace. Go, weekend, go!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life, Love, and Dice

Almost every single day, my life presents some kind of interesting turn. I love that about this life - boring is no way to go through existence.

Today, someone came back into an active role in my life. That someone is incredibly special to Carinn and me, and we have no intention of letting them slip back out again. The Universe tells me, in no uncertain terms, that this is important.

I'm listening.

I've learned so much more about myself, what Love means to me, and the incredible capacity for and power of Love that is in my grasp. All thanks to Carinn.

We got a brief game in tonight - the "Princes and Pirates" campaign that Lee Ballew (of Colossal Clash fame) is running for us in my Shaintar setting. Gods, I've missed gaming! The holidays, housemates' job changes, and moving sweet Miss Mary into the Manor have set our lives in quite a bit of an uproar, but we are slowly settling things down and getting back to the table to inhabit our favorite characters and roll some dice.

In fact, that's what I am giving for Christmas this year - a lot of folks who've played in Shaintar for a while now miss playing their truly epic, Legendary characters. I've not run the "Big Guns Games" in a while, preferring to focus on the less powerful characters and their storylines.

So, as my present, I am setting up an entire holiday schedule (post-Christmas, around the New Year's holiday period) to give everyone a chance to get their make-the-GM-cry characters out and do untold havoc on my Shaintar setting.

Of course, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might make things interesting...

Cheers, and keep those dice rolling!


PS - Seriously, who doesn't want a cool miniatures-style wargame for their iPad? Check out the 1879 Kickstarter, friends. That's the biggest deal about what we're doing there.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Observations (11/27/12)

So here I go, sliding back into blogging...

Random observations of the day -

* You know you've done too many medical procedures when you're blithely discussing how you're a human dartboard as yet another IV line is being stabbed into the top of your hand, and you can effectively doze while going through a C-T Scan while following the "Breathe/Hold Your Breath" commands.

* Flavored contrast is still runny concrete run through the ass of a honey badger.

* I am an incredibly lucky and happy person. I have virtually no personal financial assets and am scraping to get my projects all produced and through the door, yet I have zero doubt that they -will- get done, and done well. I have amazing contacts, wonderful friends, and a huge network of support for all that I do. I get to set my own hours, doing what I love to do, and I know I shall never want for a place to live or food to eat or exceptional companionship at any moment in time. Never mind my medical issues and the constant, nagging pain - billions suffer more than I shall ever know.

Thank you, friends and family, and thank you, Universe, for this life I am blessed with. I hope I give some small portion back for all that I have received.


PS - I am still very much involved with the revival of FASA, and this is a pretty big deal we're up to.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Been Delayed...

There's been a lot going on here in the Old Doghouse. Between my health issues (under control, but there's still some things I am dealing with), and some dramatic changes impending on our household (one of our household's mother is moving in with us), blogging hasn't been much of a priority.

Apologies for that.

Once things calm down, I will try to get back on a regular schedule.