Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's Wrong With My Brain-Juice?

I have this wonderful plan, you see.

I get up at 6:30 AM (!!!), get to the gym, and hit the pool for 30 minutes.

I get home, have some breakfast, watch a little something on the `Net while I eat, and then dive into work.

I have this dry-erase board with colored sticky notes all over it, scheduling out when I am going to tackle what area on any given day.

It's a great plan!

It's not working.

Why? Because my brain hates me, that's why. I can't make the brain-juice go where and when I want it to. It flows in whatever direction it damn well feels like, and very often (especially in the early part of the day), it flows to utterly non-productive places.

It's usually not until mid-to-late afternoon that I can finally find some focus and get real work started. This usually has me up until pretty damn late.

Sometimes too late, so that I don't make it for my early swim time. This means I end up having to go later in the day, which royally screws up my plan and...

You can see where this is going.

Now I have to figure out if (a) I should just shift my schedule to start and end later or (b) "hunker down" and try to find that "discipline" I keep promising I have somewhere inside me.

Hell, even writing this blog is just delaying me actually starting on my next project (one of my Your SAVAGE Expert customers wants me to put together a post-Serenity `Verse campaign).

Well, time to see if I can keep `em flyin'...


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