Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Long Goodbye

I actually announced my change of life plans about a week ago, so it's not like it's "new" for many of you anymore, or for me.

Nonetheless, tomorrow is my last day as an official part of the DriveThruRPG team, and I sent out my last Newsletter today, complete with my goodbye message.

It was strange. There's some melancholy. I've already started getting "We'll miss you" and "Good luck" messages, which are amazing to read. It's empowering to know folks cared about my efforts in that role.


I don't know if this is true for all writers, but I know many writers are like me - it just doesn't matter anywhere near as much if our words don't actually reach someone. You can pay me a dollar a word (no really, you can - you won't, but you can), and I will cry all the way to the bank if no one bothers to read them.

Truthfully, I could be working in a much higher-paying role right now. There's little doubt I could translate my skills and understanding of marketing, promotions, and related areas into a more "corporate" space where I had a legitimately comfortable income and benefits. The responsible adult in me lambastes my control center constantly over this.

I usually drown him with whiskey and beer.

All right, I usually shut him up with a good game. He has so much fun, he forgets to lambaste me for a while.

And that's the point. I truly enjoy what I do. It can be stressful, and it's not the sunshine-and-pony-rides that most might hope getting into this.

Yet, as many of my colleagues will tell you, it beats working for a living.

So even though I won't be writing as many words for DriveThruRPG as I've been doing (some, mind you, just because it's fun - see below), I will still be doing a lot of writing. And creating. And promoting.

Stay tuned - the new ride should be just as much fun as the old one...


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