Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Un-Post

So I told myself that I wanted to post every weekday.

Then I told myself that I wanted to, at the very least, get one posted every other day.

We bought a car yesterday, which took much longer than expected. It killed the whole day, in fact. The fact that we hadn't planned on buying a new car added to the unexpectedness of it all.

Today, car-buying related stuff happened, along with some other necessary things. And tonight, I am running one of my Shaintar campaigns (part two of a game we had to end in the middle of a battle last week).

So here are words I made myself put here so that I at least keep on track for my "every other day" plan. Not the most entertaining, I admit, but at least it's something new for those of you who are paying attention and honoring me by regularly checking by.

And, just for the grins of it, here's our new car - a 2013 KIA Sorento:

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