Monday, September 3, 2012

Laboring on Labor Day

While others of my friends and family are getting the grill warmed up and prepping food, here I am at the keyboard.

Can't help it, really. Having just launched this Evil Beagle thing, I am utterly compelled to try and build more momentum while maintaining that which I've already garnered since announcing my huge life-changing plans.

Granted, such a thing isn't anywhere near as scary as it was even just a few years ago. Truth is, for me it simply wouldn't have been possible. However, as I've been preaching at geek revivals - er, I mean gaming conventions all over the country, it's a path now open to anyone and everyone. Access is literally free.

Well, free of monetary commitments, at any rate. What you value your time and creative energy is entirely up to you to decide, but rest assured you need to expend great amounts of both to pull this off.

As well, it doesn't hurt one little bit to already have a considerable social network to rely upon, and I am blessed with a rather huge one built across Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Having so many friends, fans, and colleagues to tell my tales to who, in turn, can and will share those tales to their own contacts is etheric gold to anyone in my shoes.

So if you're at all interested in how this works, follow along friends. You can see the story unfold right along with me.

I am, naturally, hoping for a very happy ending.



  1. Here's hoping you kick ass, Sean.

  2. Thanks, Doc!

    Naturally, if I do, friends who write and design and art-ify and edit and... yeah, I want to include everyone in the Grand Adventure.

  3. Just letting you know, you are not alone on this Labor Day. I too am working on the site for my game.

    I'm sure the only result from all of your work will be success, so wishing you luck seems moot. I'll just wait patiently for the awesome outcome!

  4. I'm not only doing game design work, but also research for an eventual return to grad school.

  5. If you feel better, I worked a bit on a game review that is going up on GS later this week. Otherwise I took it a bit light.

    After I get through this month, expect to hear from me in October with some Savage work.