Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday (02/13/13)

It's a good day.

I am feeling so much better after the spine shots I had on Monday; much more mobile with much less pain. I've lost a great deal of weight, and the downward trend continues. Physically, I feel I am improving a lot, and I want to keep going.

My career is also taking off by leaps and bounds, and the future looks very, very bright. Let me point you at a rather big deal that just launched yesterday -

My dear friend, Lee Ballew, did the primary design, and I was honored to be listed as helping with the design as well. He also did most of the art, though his wife, Susan Knowles, also added a lot of amazing pieces to it. Any fan of deck-building games will enjoy this tongue-in-cheek game where "Monty Python meets Anime Humor." Evil Beagle Games is proud to have this as a premiere and exclusive title on DriveThruCards, the latest site in the DriveThru family.

In addition to this, here's what else I am up to - 

  • I'm currently finishing up my third Star Wars assignment for Fantasy Flight Games, with a fourth one already in the pipeline.
  • I have some awesome stuff in development with Pinnacle.
  • I am still involved with FASA Games, and am looking at doing some design and writing for their 1879 line down the road.
  • I am in talks with Modiphius for a really great project!
  • The Shaintar Kickstarter is pretty much worked out and we should be figuring out our launch date for it very soon.
  • Shaintar: Legends Arise is in full development, and there is a huge announcement about that coming in a few days.
  • Lee and I are currently working on a deck-building game set in Shaintar; more on that later.
  • Susan and I have started working up our plans for a Shaintar comic series as well, which I am incredibly excited about. Again, more details about that in the near future.
On top of all that, I have a daughter who is doing well in school as well as her martial arts training and a loving partner in life who makes every single day of my life more magical and meaningful. I am surrounded by family and friends who do everything they can to help me succeed, making me the richest man I know.

Cheers to you all, and I hope you all have many great days to come.


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