Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Post-Con Report: Con on the Cob 2012

Carinn and I are back from Con on the Cob, which was fantastic as always. That is a show that has enjoyed a steady growth curve, not only in terms of attendance but in terms of sheer enjoyment. Andy and Heather Hopp, along with the rest of the staff, the MSTB folks, the AnCon folks, and everyone else that helps put that show together all deserve a great deal of praise and thanks for their efforts. It made the 20+ hours we spent on the road getting there and back again more than worth it.

Of course, we had our annual Savage Saturday Night Bar & Grill party on Saturday, and it was the usual master shindig. Craig Henson blew everyone away with both his purchase and serving of alcohol; Tim Hannon and the rest of the Dirty Dirty Grill & Sauce Gang brought their A-Game with food and music; and Carinn was truly the Hostess with the Mostest, checking IDs, keeping things straight, and gathering more than a few admirers.

And, yes, I ended the party in my usual fashion. I was rather impressed with the handful of folks who didn't bail in the first few seconds, instead remaining to bask in my post-party non-wear. ;-)

I also want to give a shout-out to the Commodore and the rest of Bar Fleet. Not only did they once again host a fine party right down the hall, but the Commodore honored me beyond words to convey by bestowing a "Bar Fleet Staff" wrist band upon me. I continue to serve gratefully as Ambassador Spiffy Beagle, spreading the message of "Drink Long and Prosper" and the grand tradition of raucous-yet-safe hospitality wherever I can.

It was, as always, an exceptional Gathering of Savages as well. Got to play Deadlands Noir under Shane Hensely with Aaron & Jeannine Acevedo, Evil Mike, Chaos Steve (who died horribly, and apparently not for the first time), and Tim Hannon. Also got to play in a Space: 1889, Savage style, with Mark Margraf and under a great GM named Mike (last name is lost to me at the moment, for which I apologize). I was thrilled when Mike McNeal ran the game he had me design for him (via my "Your SAVAGE Expert" program) for a group of Savage Stalwarts (Steve Todd, Dave McGuire, Norm Hensley, Deb Gordon, Al Bohannon and Gordon Ford among them).

I also got to hang out with my good friend, Patrick Benson, especially while playing the exceptionally engaging and engrossing Artemis Bridge Simulator! Oh, man, were we all up in that thing! Patrick is already thinking through his budget to set on up in his home, which means I may well have to make some special trips to Chicago. We even managed to drag Jamie Chambers into it, on Sunday, which made those sessions extra-awesome.

The major downside is that the Con Crud Specter seems to have followed us home, and Carinn is currently down with it. I feel "off," but I remain hopeful that my resistances (bolstered by considerable amounts of alcohol remaining in my system from the weekend) will fight the thing off.

Here's hoping...


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  1. Hey Sean,

    Thanks for your kind words! As always, it was great fun cooking the dogs and spinning the tunes for our annual tradition.

    The Mike you are referring to who ran Space: 1889 was none other than Mike "Other Mike" Sprague, one of the crew from WNY. Mike always runs a great game, and is a fine con companion to boot.

    See you next year! Sláinte