Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Like Trying to Fly Multiple Planes at Once

"Too many balls in the air."

"Too many irons in the fire."

These are common cliches that are often applied to people in my situation. However, I've come to the conclusion today that they are inadequate to what I am really doing to myself.

  • I've got a steady flow of Your SAVAGE Expert stuff going, and even with the raised prices, more are signing on.
  • I've got consulting gigs with a few folks at different stages of development.
  • I've been helping the Savage Mojo folks out with their Dungeonlands Kickstarter, both creatively and from a promotional standpoint.
  • OmniVerse slid back to the back-burner again, but I really need to bring it to a front eye and put some more ingredients in it*.
  • My search for "my next supers game system" has me brain-deep in Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul. As those of you who've known me long enough no doubt can guess, that means some seriously obsessive system tinkering on my part, which eats a lot of time and energy. Good results, though (which I will likely share some of here in a later post).
  • It's long past time for me to delve back into Shaintar, as well. There's a lot of support material that needs to be in the Reality Blurs pipeline to back up the initial releases.
  • FASA Games is ramping up for its new 1879 product line, which I will be very much involved in.
So these are all like planes that I am flying at the same time. I am trying to keep them on track and in the air, and it can be thoroughly overwhelming on a daily basis.

Exciting. Terrifying. Creatively satisfying. Intensely stressful.

It takes a particular brand of mental case to do this. I don't recommend it for anyone who relishes their sense of inner peace.



* - There's also the matter of possibly needing to change the name altogether

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