Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gonna Be a Good Year

If anyone had told my 1970's self that I would, in a few decades, ever type to a friend via a chat window on a computer the following phrase -

"Time to blog; been too long since my last one."

- I would have looked at them oddly, shrugged, and said "pass the controller, it's my turn to see if Indy can get through that damn tunnel."

My life is online now, there's no denying it. All I do, and all I aim to accomplish, is directly tied to this thing that was originally developed to ensure our military and government could stay connected in the event of Communist H-Bombs (a rather ridiculous proposition when you consider how vulnerable the network actually is to EMP, but I imagine there's a hard-shielded part of it they can rely on). My future success with Evil Beagle and Shaintar relies almost entirely upon my developed capacity to navigate and manipulate the tools at my disposal to reach all of you.

Thank you, Cheryl Curry, for teaching me so much and getting me started with your home PC. Thank you, America Online, for being my first major lesson in social media.

So 2013 is already looking up as a watershed year for me and all who are working with me via Evil Beagle Games. Here's what I can say so far -

- My partnership with my old friends at Savage Mojo is firmly in place. They are currently working on the full version of Shaintar: Legends Arise and will be working with me on future Shaintar products.

- As soon as DriveThruCards finally launches, Evil Beagle will be one of the premiere publishers with Lee Ballew's Colossal Clash deck-building game.

- I have a final draft of OmniCosm: Alpha in hand. As soon as I've had a chance to do a final read-through on the draft, it will go to Scott Corum for layout and preparation for release.

- My planning document for the impending Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter is done and is currently being studied by my "brain trust." Once again I will be partnering with Savage Mojo to make this sing, and I think you will all be very excited to see what we've got planned there.

- The aforementioned Lee Ballew and I are working on a new deck-building game concept that will tie directly into the Shaintar property. More on that down the road.

- I've recently completed a new project with Fantasy Flight Games for their Star Wars line, and I am excited about seeing that come out in the near future.

- I'm going to be handling the Hero-to-Savage translations for the Blackwyrm KS Project, Imaginary Friends.

- I've recently signed on with a very dear friend to work on a really amazing new product idea. I can't say anymore than that, but I am telling you, this is massively exciting stuff and I am proud to be a part of it.

- The gang at FASA Games is up to some exciting stuff as well, and you will want to keep an eye on their site and their forums.

That's all for now (and more than enough, as you might imagine). I hope to be able to get back into my Modern Gods development, among other things, but priorities are what they are, so that's on the back burner for a bit.

Thanks again for all your support. Like I said, this is going to be a great year!


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