Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Achievement Unlocked

It. Is. Done!

So, knowing I wouldn't have money to get my friends and family gifts the way I wanted to, I decided to set up and run games featuring all of their favorite characters - in some cases, Legendary characters they've not had a chance to play in many months.

I also wanted to run a Big Epic Game for my daughter, who turned 13 on New Year's Eve, and I wanted to give all of our friends who could make it multiple chances to enjoy Shaintar after so long. Some had storylines they really wanted to get back to; some had major personal goals they wanted to achieve; most just wanted to revisit old friends and discover new adventures.

And a few wanted to go out in the kind of Epic Adventure Finale that apparently is a specialty of mine.

As I sat down to work out the schedule - taking into account travel schedules, works schedules (especially the unfortunate holiday schedule of my dear Betty Law Morgan), and other factors, it became clear that the only way I could do all I wanted to for everyone was to schedule 7 sessions in 5 days.

Seven game sessions. Not re-run adventures, but unique, campaign-driven events featuring personal stories as well as epic events.

Five days. Saturday and Sunday, the first two days, had a morning and an afternoon session. Monday - Wednesday, one session each.

In all my years as a GM (starting back in 1977, and including decades of multi-session convention gaming), I have never done anything quite like this.

Tonight was the last game - "The Battle of Blue Vine River." Last night was "Interdiction of the Inquisition." As with all of the others, the players left with smiles and great satisfaction, fully invested in Shaintar and their characters once more, greatly looking forward to future sessions.

That I have any grey matter left to even write these words is a minor miracle, but I wanted to commemorate this while it is still fresh in my mind. I am, I will readily admit, a tad bit pleased with myself.

With that said, I am done, and I am now going to complete relax for a time. Tomorrow and Friday (my birthday) will be spent primarily just enjoying myself, playing some board games, maybe watching some TV or movies. This weekend, Carinn Seabolt runs her SW-driven modern fantasy/horror campaign, "The Crew," and I get to actually be a player!

I'd say I'll never do this again, but we all know better, right?

Truth is, I'll end up trying to find a way to top it.

But not tomorrow...


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