Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Observations (11/27/12)

So here I go, sliding back into blogging...

Random observations of the day -

* You know you've done too many medical procedures when you're blithely discussing how you're a human dartboard as yet another IV line is being stabbed into the top of your hand, and you can effectively doze while going through a C-T Scan while following the "Breathe/Hold Your Breath" commands.

* Flavored contrast is still runny concrete run through the ass of a honey badger.

* I am an incredibly lucky and happy person. I have virtually no personal financial assets and am scraping to get my projects all produced and through the door, yet I have zero doubt that they -will- get done, and done well. I have amazing contacts, wonderful friends, and a huge network of support for all that I do. I get to set my own hours, doing what I love to do, and I know I shall never want for a place to live or food to eat or exceptional companionship at any moment in time. Never mind my medical issues and the constant, nagging pain - billions suffer more than I shall ever know.

Thank you, friends and family, and thank you, Universe, for this life I am blessed with. I hope I give some small portion back for all that I have received.


PS - I am still very much involved with the revival of FASA, and this is a pretty big deal we're up to.

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